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Airport Connections

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Rome , Pisa y Palermo

Connection between Roma Termini and Fiumicino airport

Leonardo express  servicio SERVICE WITHOUT STOPPED between Fiumicino Airport Rome and Roma Termini Station.

Departures every 30 minutes. Travel time 31 minutes. Non Stop.

The first departure from Roma Termini is at 5.52 and from Fiumicino airport at 6.38.

The last departure from the airport is at 23.38 and from Rome Termini at 22.52.

Only 1st class available. Rate Euro 14.00

Metropolitan Service

The FR1 line of the metropolitan service connects Fiumicino airport with varis stations of Rome:Rome TrastevereRome Ostiense, Rome Tuscolana y  Rome Tiburtina.In addition to other intermediate

The journey from Fiumicino and Rome Tiburtina airport takes 46 minutes and costs Euro 8.00.


Connection between Pisa Central and Pisa Airport Galileo Galilei

Regular service from / to Pisa Central

There is a regular Trenitalia service linking Pisa Central Station with Pisa Galileo Galilei Airport every 30 minutes.

The duration of the NON-STOP trip is 5 minutes. The stop at the airport is at the same terminal, check-in area.

The first departure from Pisa Airport is at 6.53 and the last one at 9.03

The first exit from the station of Pisa Central is at 6.38 and the last at 10.02


Rapid Regional Trains "NON STOP" from / to Florence

There are fast regional trains from the same airport in Pisa, with only one intermediate stop in Pisa Central, to / from Florence Santa Maria Novella.

The service is 2nd and 1st class and the price of the ticket is € 5.80 and € 8.70 respectively.

Connection between Palermo Central and Punta Raisi "Falcone - Borsellino" airport with the Trinacria Express

The Trinacria Express connects the station of Palermo Central with the airport of Punta Raisi -Fualcone Borsellino.

The first exit is at 4.45 and the last exit is at 20.09. From Falcone-Borsellino airport the first exit is at 5.54 and the last exit at 22.05. The duration of the trip depends on the time of departure and the number of stops and can last between 45 and 60 minutes.

The price of the ticket is Euro 5.50.

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