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Electronic Ticketing System



Ticketless:Trenitalia electronic ticket 

Ticketless is the buying mode that allows you to get on board without the need to withdraw the paper ticket but simply with the PNR booking code.

How does it work

You will receive an email with information provided to you:
  • the reservation code (PNR) code change reservation (CP) particulars of the carriage and places assigned.
  • Once on the train you need to provide PNR to the crew.
  • If you have lost or forgotten the receipt of payment or the PNR you will be considered without a ticket and therefore you will be required to pay the ticket and the expected premium.

BER: electronic ticket Regional

Once purchased, the ticket must be presented on paper (A4 size), or by using screen support (PC, tablet or smartphone) can properly view .pdf files.
WARNING: To train service regional ticket purchased is valid for the date and time of departure required by the customer and is valid for four hours, 

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