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1. Where can I buy tickets?

You can purchase tickets through our websiteor contacting our office where we will help you to make the reservation.

 2. Can I purchase tickets by phone?

Tickets can be purchased by phone.

 3. Is it possible to buy a ticket on board?

It is not possible to buy tickets on board. You can buy tickets at the station, however it will only be available BASE fare (the economic and Super economic fare are only available via web page).

 4. What Fee is charged for purchasing tickets online or by phone?

For both cases, booking online or by phone, costs 6.5€.

 5. Is there a discount if it is a round trip?

There is no discount for round trip ticket. However, you may find some special "round trip" promotion if departure and return are completed within the same day.

6. Are there any discounts if I travel in family?

There is no special rate for children. However, under the Child Policy, when you purchased a base fare ticket, child below 4 years old is allowd to travel with you at no charge.

7. Can I choose the seat?

You cannot choose the seat (s). The system will assing seat(s) automatically.
For group reservations, the system will try to assign seats close to one another or within the same cabin, but not guaranteed. allocation of seats is based on availability

8. Do I always get the tickets by email?

For High Speed Train:
You should receive your ticket(s) in PDF format via your email. Print out your ticket(s) and you can board the train directly.

For Regional Train:
You should receive an email confirmation. you must go to the train station to print ticket(s). Simply present the confirmation to the ticket counter and they will rpovide you the tickets. 
Before boarding the train, you must validate the ticket(s) on the small machines that are found right next to the train platform. 

9. If I have not received my tickets after 24 h, what do I have to do?

Contact us by email/contact form or by phone and we will help you to retrieve your tickets.

10. What happens if there is no result after search?

It means that there is no train for this journey or dates are not available yet. Fares and timetables are available 4 months before departure for high-speed trains and 2 months before date of departure for regional trains.

11. Can I change the date and time of my ticket?

You can make changes if you have the BASE fare, which allows you to make all the changes you want before the time of departure and up to one change one hour after the departure of the train.

12. What can I do if I can't pay?

Please contact us by phone or email, and we will assist you.

13. What can I do if I encounter problem to complete the booking or payment due to internet connection failure?

Please contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to assist you.

14. How long do I need to print the tickets at the station?

It takes only few minutes to print the ticket. However, it is advise to reach the train station at least 20 minutes bofeore boarding. 

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