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Wheelchair Friendly

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The service is carried out by RFI - Italian Railway Network - and is targeted at "people with disabilities" and "persons with reduced mobility" (PRM), in which sense include:

  • People who move in wheelchairs due to illness or disability;
  • People with limb problems or difficulty walking;
  • Elderly people;
  • Pregnant women;
  • The blind or visually impaired;
  • The deaf or hearing impairments;
  • People with mental disability

How to request the service

 Its possible to request the assistance of the FRY in this way:
  • by going directly to the Blue Hall
  • by calling the toll free number of the Blue Hall of RFI: 800 90 60 60
  • by sending an email to one of 14 Blue Hall
  • calling the national number of RFI 199 30 30 60
  • addressing through Trenitalia Call Center: 199 89 20 21 or option 5 06/3000 for users not enabled to use 199

Contact us:
902 101 249
Send us an email here