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Frecciargento are trains running through both the high-speed and traditional lines travelling up to km/h with connections that shorten the distance between Rome and the major metropolitan basins of the North-East and South sides of the Country.


Routes Frecciargento



Roma - Verona    

|   2h 52'

Roma - Venecia S.L.     

|    3h 24'

Roma - Bolzano    

|    4h 29'

Roma - Reggio Cal.    

|    5h 10'

Services at the station and on board


Welcome on board

First class travelers have at their disposal the welcome service with cold or hot drinks accompanied by a sweet or savory snack chosen among the Italian best brands and from the morning up to 13, a choice of newspapers.



Food service

The bar / bistro wagon, in the middle of the train, is dedicated to food services and it's possible to drink hot and cold beverages and taste snacks, appetizing sandwiches, a wide range of hot and cold courses.
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